How to get the sun into the battery

Photovoltaic-led charging


How to get the sun into
the battery


Photovoltaic-led charging with NRGkick

With the Smart Service “Photovoltaic-led charging for NRGkick” you can easily use the self-produced electricity from the PV system to charge your electric vehicle.
So nothing stands in the way of efficient charging with solar energy!

PV-Laden mit NRGkick

What is behind the function?

A photovoltaic system generates electricity from sunlight, which is converted from direct current to alternating current by the inverter. The household obtains the required energy from the PV system for lamps, refrigerators and other consumers, for example.

If the PV system generates more electricity than is needed at the moment in the household, a PV surplus electricity is generated. This surplus is normally fed into the grid. However, with the Smart Service “Photovoltaic-guided charging for NRGkick”, this surplus electricity can be optimally charged into the battery of the electric car. Thus, the electric car is charged with the self-generated electricity at a much lower cost than at public charging stations or when charging with electricity from the grid.

PV charging with NRGkick

NRGkick uses the surplus electricity from your PV system to charge your electric vehicle.

No additional hardware is required. Simply activate the license in the NRGkick app.

The charging strategy can be easily optimized in the app.
Including charging limits, PV surplus function, phase switching and much more.


PV-Laden mit NRGkick

Which inverters are supported?

The most common inverter brands are already integrated:

Fronius & NRGkick
SolarEdge & NRGkick
SMA & NRGkick
Kostal & NRGkick

We are also constantly working on the connection of further inverter manufacturers.

Tip: In addition, it is possible to integrate an inverter via a custom API. Many different API types are supported. Learn more about it in our guide for “photovoltaic-led charging with NRGkick“.

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PV-Laden mit NRGkick

You already have an NRGkick?

Then you can now get the software upgrade “Photovoltaic-guided charging” for your NRGkick – either right here, in our webshop, or even easier: directly in the NRGkick app in the menu item “Advanced”.

PV-Laden mit NRGkick

You don’t have NRGkick yet?

No problem, of course NRGkick is also available directly in connection with the Smart Service “Photovoltaic-led charging”. Have a look at our webshop – here you will find all variants of NRGkick that support PV-led charging. Simply select the variant that best suits your needs.

PV-charging with NRGkick

Simple setup without additional equipment

To use the PV-guided charging feature with NRGkick, you only need a software upgrade for your NRGkick, which is unlocked via the NRGkick App. No additional hardware is required. The configuration of the function is done directly in the NRGkick app and takes only a few minutes. You do not need any programming skills.

NRGkick App

Different charging strategies

In the NRGkick app, select between the charging strategies "surplus charging" or "100% sun" and then define individual adjustments. If your photovoltaic system does not produce enough power, you can pause charging or draw the missing charging current from the grid. Automatic phase switching between 1-, 2- or 3-phase charging is also possible. In addition, your own house batteries, smartloads and other consumers in your household can be taken into account and prioritized.

Recommendation: The charging strategy "surplus charging" is mainly relevant if a smart meter is available in the household. If no smart meter is integrated in the system, the "100% solar" strategy is recommended.

PV-Laden mit NRGkick

Optimize charges with the NRGkick App

Through the NRGkick App you can optimize all charging strategies and create up to 5 different profiles where your custom settings are stored. Charging processes, for example, can be optimized with a minimum or maximum power and delay time. The produced power or the surplus from the PV system can be comfortably distributed to different consumers (e.g. battery, smartloads, electric car,...).

With the detailed setting options in the NRGkick app, you can adapt your PV-guided charging to your needs and make it as efficient as possible. Of course, you can also use the function with the basic settings.

Questions? We are happy to help you!

Need help with the settings of the PV function?

You have already ordered the Smart Service for photovoltaic-guided charging for NRGkick and now need help with the activation or with the settings in the NRGkick app? Maybe you will already find what you are looking for in our guide to PV charging with NRGkick. Of course, our support team will also be happy to help you personally.
Contact us at +43 664 401 13 50 or by mail to support@NRGkick.com.

Are you looking for a PV charging solution for your company?

Contact us! We are happy to advise you in all matters concerning NRGkick and help you find the right solution.
You can reach us at +43 664 5376251 or by mail at office@NRGkick.com.

Documents & Downloads

Here you will find all important documents and instructions concerning the Smart Service “Photovoltaic-led charging with NRGkick”.

Acquiring the license for photovoltaic led charging

Setting up the “Photovoltaic-led charging” function

Setting up a custom API for pv-led charging