mobile wallbox für zuhause und unterwegs

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Updates & Upgrades

mobile wallbox für zuhause und unterwegs

Coming soon!

Updates und Upgrades

Coming soon…

NRGkick is under constant development – shortly after launch, features such as solar-led charging, fleet management and voice control will become a reality via free updates. Here is a short overview of the features you can look forward to:

  • Fleet management

    Thanks to fleet management, charges can be recorded on a per-person basis and different authorization levels can be set up!

  • Native Voice Control

    With the feature of voice control NRGkick responds to your commands and executes them immediately!

  • Push-Notifications

    With push notifications, you don’t have to worry about when your charging process will be finished – NRGkick will actively tell you!

Coming Soon
  • Web-API

    Thanks to the web API, you can connect your applications yourself and other manufacturers can also integrate NRGkick and its functionalities!

  • Load Management

    With the integrated load management, several NRGkicks can be networked with each other to then coordinate which charging unit can draw how much power!

  • Extended Access Control

    NRGkick allows with an extended access control a precise definition of which person is authorized for which tasks!