mobile wallbox für zuhause und unterwegs

...for you and your EV.

The safest
charging unit...

mobile wallbox für zuhause und unterwegs

...for you and your EV.

The safest charging unit...

Protection against dangerous overheating


Dual domestic socket overheating protection

With its patented safety plug system, NRGkick offers special safety in precisely this sensitive area, as both pins of the NRGkick plug attachments for household sockets are temperature-monitored.

This means that even safety-critical household sockets are particularly well protected and monitored by NRGkick!


Patented safety connector system:
Temperature monitoring of all smart attachments

With the patented safety plug system, DiniTech brings a unique feature that is way ahead of the market. The system is able to detect the temperature at each individual phase pin – even at both pins in the case of domestic plug smart attachments. This does not yet exist in this form – some units here only measure (if at all) the temperature when using a domestic plug adapter. However, the connector system of the NRGkick ensures that here really at each individual phase is paid attention to whether the temperature moves into a dangerous range! In combination with the thermal management of the NRGkick charging unit, this ensures that charging is reduced or even paused even before danger arises due to excessive heat development. Absolute safety for charging unit AND socket – no matter at which connection!

NRGkick Sicherheit

Temperature Management

The NRGkick charging unit knows by the temperature monitoring at each phase pin exactly whether the temperature at the connection point is still in an acceptable range or whether there is a contact resistance that generates heat due to a poorly connected socket (contacts somewhat loose), for example. Even before it becomes dangerous and, for example, the temperature in the socket becomes so high that the materials can melt, NRGkick reduces the charging power fully automatically. If this does not help either, the charge is even paused in an emergency. Again, DiniTech will send information to customers via push notification to alert them that the connection or socket should be checked. This feature (push notifications) is already being implemented.

Extremely robust

NRGkick Temperaturresistenz

Absolutely temperature resistant (-40/+70 °C)

Experience shows that many charging units and wallboxes have problems in hot weather. As a result, the charging current has to be reduced or, in the worst case, charging even has to be paused or interrupted. NRGkick is more than a nose ahead of all others here and is extremely resistant to heat, but also cold with an operating temperature range of arctic -40 degrees up to true desert temperatures of +70 degrees Celsius.

NRGkick wasserdicht

Water- & dustproof (IP67)

The IP67 and IP69K protection classifications attest to the highest possible protection against the ingress of dust and water, even during high-pressure cleaning with hot water. Even submerging the charging unit under water would not result in any damage or impairment. While other charging solutions have problems even in a light drizzle, NRGkick can easily withstand a monsoon.

By the way: Even if NRGkick gets soaking wet, the touch-sensitive surface still works perfectly (in winter even with gloves, to protect fingers that are very sensitive to cold…)!

NRGkick Sicherheit

Shock and impact resistant (IK10)

Imagine your charging unit accidentally falling onto the hard asphalt floor. While elsewhere you have to pick up splinters of broken plastic, with NRGkick you can continue charging easily and relaxed.

NRGkick is shock and impact resistant to IK 10 – making it extremely robust and able to withstand accidental contact with hard surfaces without suffering any damage.

NRGkick überfahrsicher

Drive-over proof

NRGkick is extremely robust despite its manageability and low weight. It even passes the drive-over test with a vehicle (in accordance with IEC EN 62752). Even if it hopefully never happens to you – if the worst comes to the worst, NRGkick is completely safe even in such extreme situations.

NRGkick diebstahlsicher


No chance for thieves: The type 2 plug of the charging unit on the vehicle is mechanically locked to the electric car and remains so until the user releases the lock. This prevents the NRGkick from being stolen.

NRGkick Manipulationsschutz


NRGkick offers comprehensive protection against improper adjustment of the charging current, for example by curious passers-by or children: 20 seconds after plugging the NRGkick into the vehicle, the charging current can no longer be adjusted on the charging unit itself, thus preventing unpleasant surprises. By the way: With the free NRGkick app, only the authorized user can adjust the charging current to their needs at any time, even during charging!


Automatic self check

When the NRGkick is connected to the power supply and also before each charging start, a self-test is carried out which, among other things, performs a complete check of the integrated residual current protection mechanism and other safety mechanisms. This ensures that the mobile charging unit functions properly and, above all, safely.

Electrotechnical building protection

NRGkick Überspannungsschutz

Surge protection & socket testing

NRGkick protects against overvoltages and even against incorrectly connected sockets! Here too, for example: L 2 or L 3 was inadvertently connected instead of the N conductor in a socket outlet. As a result, the electronics would not be supplied with 230 V but with 400 V. This would destroy devices connected to this incorrectly installed socket. NRGkick, on the other hand, does not cause any damage due to the integrated protection against overvoltage and also reliably prevents charging from being carried out at the incorrectly installed socket.

NRGkick Sicherheit

Mains frequency diagnosis

The NRGkick app provides the user with a range of details – not just about the charging process itself. For example, the current, voltage and power of each individual phase as well as the grid frequency are displayed.

NRGkick Fehlerstromschutz

Residual current protection mechanism (AC, DC, + 6 mA)

NRGkick has an all-current sensitive residual current protection mechanism, which reliably and permanently monitors and complies with the strict limits of the latest standards (AC, DC, + 6 mA). This provides maximum possible safety against fault currents that could otherwise be released from the electric car into the supply network.

NRGkick Schutzleiterprüfung

PE conductor test

NRGkick uses sophisticated measurement technology to check whether the protective conductor circuit is correctly implemented and issues an error message if this is not the case. Nevertheless, it is of course also possible with NRGkick to charge in earth conductor-free networks (“Norway mode”).

NRGkick Phasenverschiebungserkennung

Phase shift detection

NRGkick is able to detect phase shifts. If a phase has been “bridged” across all three phases and charging is attempted at such a socket, NRGkick protects against this and informs the user of the fault using the LED displays on the charging and plug unit.

NRGkick Blackoutschutz

Blackout protection & autonomous load management

NRGkick protects you from power failures with its integrated blackout protection. Thanks to the undervoltage protection in combination with the autonomous load management, NRGkick is able to automatically regulate the charging current so that the power grid can “recover” or stabilize again if the voltage drops due to an excessive load in the grid.

NRGkick Abzieherkennung

Hot Unplug Protection / Arc Protection

If a user disconnects a charging unit from the socket while charging is in progress (without terminating the charge beforehand, as he should), an “arc” is inevitably created. This damages the contacts on the socket and the plug and thus poses a danger. Damaged contacts lead to higher heat generation. With the new NRGkick, this is completely excluded – as the only charging unit on the market, the current flow is also interrupted in this case before the contacts leave each other – arcing is therefore ruled out!

NRGkick Sicherheit

Internal switching contact check

The internal switching contact of the mobile charging unit is checked for safe condition during the self test Charging is only possible if the diagnosis is absolutely error free If this is not the case, charging is impossible and you will also be informed of the detected error by LED signals on the charging unit and the Connector Unit

Absolutely compliant with standards

NRGkick complies with all directives and standards that are relevant to your safety.
This has been tested and certified by VDE, a renowned external accredited testing institute.

VDE Logo


Association of Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies

ÖVE Logo


Austrian Association for Electrical Engineering


  • POLICY 2014/35/EU – electrical equipment (Low Voltage Directive)
  • POLICY 2014/30/EU – electromagnetic compatibility (EMC Directive)
  • POLICY 2014/53/EU – Radio equipment/telecommunications terminal equipment (RED)
  • POLICY 2011/65/EU – Hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS)


  • IEC/EN 62752Charging line-integrated control and protection device for charging mode 2 of electric road vehicles
  • IEC/EN 62196-1 –Plugs, sockets, vehicle couplings and vehicle plugs – Conductive charging of electric vehicles
  • IEC/EN 60309-2 – Plugs, sockets and couplings for industrial applications
  • EN ISO 9001:2015 – Certificate for the management system
  • CE conform complies with all EU directives and regulations
  • UKCA conformmeets all the requirements of the UK market
  • RCM conform –meets all the requirements of the Australian market