and its history


and its history


About NRGkick

In 2015, the Austrian brand NRGkick was developed by DiniTech GmbH
and has since been delivered to 23 different countries.

For production in southeastern Styria, quality components from the region are used as a priority.

Dietmar Niederl

The mind behind the brand

DiniTech GmbH emerged from DiniTech e.U. in 2015. This was founded in 2012 by Ing. Dietmar Niederl.

DiniTech specializes in the development and production of electromechanical product solutions especially in the field of charging technology for electric cars.

This is based on many years of experience in the automotive sector, especially in the development and production of Li-ion drive batteries for the leading car manufacturers.


When he bought his first electric vehicle in 2013, Ing. Dietmar Niederl noticed that until then there was no charging option that could be used to charge the electric car at any power socket.

The basic idea was therefore to create a charging unit that would combine the following features:

Can be used at home and on the road

Small and handy

Integrated safety protection RCD type B

Easy to use

Full charging power for short time charging

Connection with smartphone possible


Styrian Export Award of the WKO 2021 in the category small business

EL-MO Award 2021

2nd Rank Vulkanland Innovation Award 2020

Profit Young Entrepreneur 2016
Export category: 1st place

Profit Young Entrepreneur 2016
9th rank

Start:e challenge
2nd rank

Export Award 2016

Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Passion Winner 2017

Winners of the company pitch
Innovation Day of the PSI Vienna 2017

EU Startup Award 2018
Top 10

GreenTec Awards 2018
Top 3

Vulkanland Innovation Award 2018
1st rank