NRGkick charging unit Pure

charge. fast. everywhere.


NRGkick charging unit Pure

charge. fast. everywhere.


NRGkick – the flexible wallbox

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NRGkick was developed as a home charging unit that can be easily taken along when needed. Thanks to the compact and handy design NRGkick is the ideal companion for all trips and easily finds space in any trunk or frunk. The charging unit was designed in such a way that the maximum power is accommodated in the minimum housing.

Thanks to the versatile smart attachments, charging is easily possible at any location, at any socket and at any public charging station. Absolutely no additional cables are required – regardless of whether charging is to take place at a three-phase socket, a Schuko socket or a public charging station.

NRGkick stands for maximum flexibility

Flexible Wallbox

With NRGkick you can charge anywhere: At wallboxes, public charging stations and at any conventional socket. NRGkick offers you the maximum charging power at any power source. By using all 3 phases of the 400-volt power grid, charging power of up to 22kW is possible. This means that NRGkick delivers up to 10 times more power than most of the emergency charging cables supplied. Therefore any electric car can be recharged in the shortest possible time.

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Easy charging

With NRGkick, you can charge your electric car anywhere there is electricity. The charging process is very simple: Connect NRGkick with the corresponding smart attachment and the socket and connect the other end of the unit to the electric car – ready! Immediately after that, the charging of your electric car starts. You don’t need any expensive additional installations – with NRGkick you only need a standard socket. It doesn’t matter whether you have installed a CEE32, CEE16 or Schuko socket. In addition, you can also charge your electric car at any public charging station with the new plug unit. This means you automatically have the right charging cable for every situation.

Smart charging

The numerous intelligent functions make NRGkick much more than just a mobile charging unit. Integrated Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces enable control via smartphone with the NRGkick app. This allows you, for example, to adjust the charging current in 0.1A increments, set charging limits, store time-controlled charging plans, or receive automatic charging reports.

With the optional Smart Services, you can also charge even smarter. Inexpensive software upgrades even allow you to connect to photovoltaic systems or integrate the charging unit into charging networks via OCPP. These functions can be purchased directly in the NRGkick app or in the webshop and are easily activated over-the-air on your unit.

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Individually combinable

You can assemble your NRGkick charging unit as you wish. Choose between cable lengths of 5m, 7.5m or 10m and decide whether your unit should only have WiFi + Bluetooth or also a GSM/SIM module. A wide selection of different smart attachments helps you to achieve maximum charging flexibility, while optional Smart Services help to make the charging process even more efficient. Important to note: NRGkick CANNOT be connected to a power source without a smart attachment.

Tip: With NRGkick Pure, you have a wide range of options for customizing your charging unit.

NRGkick smart attachments

All NRGkick smart attachments are compatible with any NRGkick charging unit. Choose the right smart attachments according to your preference and needs. All our products are made in Austria from high quality materials, ensuring maximum durability. All attachments also feature numerous safety mechanisms, such as temperature monitoring on each phase pin or arc protection.

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Maximum Safety

Safety at NRGkick is divided into three areas: safety for the power grid, safety for the charging process and absolute safety for the operator. Thanks to numerous protective measures, such as a self-check before each charging start, a protective conductor check or the innovative Hot Unplug Protection, all specified safety standards are not only met, but even exceeded by far. And there is a reason for this: the highest quality is the minimum requirement in the manufacture of the NRGkick. NRGkick is safe to drive over, absolutely robust and IP67 + IP69K waterproof and dustproof. This is confirmed by independent certificates from TÜV Austria and VDE.

NRGkick Tutorials

NRGkick tutorials make charging with NRGkick and using its smart features even easier and more efficient. You want to make a certain setting in the NRGkick app? Then you will surely find the right tutorial for it here!

Note: NRGkick Tutorials are currently only available in German.

NRGkick charging unit Pure


NRGkick can communicate with any smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The NRGkick app includes features such as remote control, phase monitoring, cost and energy evaluation, and locking of the unit’s control panel. In addition, NRGkick comes standard with a WiFi interface that allows access from any location.

For reasonable AC charging times, it is crucial to be able to use all three phases of the 400 V three-phase grid. NRGkick fulfills this 3-phase capability and can therefore accelerate charging time by a factor of 3 compared to 1-phase charging units.

The smart attachment used is intelligent and not only transmits the temperature values or a country-specific charging current limit to the NRGkick, for example – it is of course also identified by the NRGkick charging unit. This ensures that a 16 A NRGkick smart attachment can also only be charged with a maximum of 16 A. This results in maximum convenience through the simplest operability.

Your NRGkick is protected against theft by the automatic locking of the Type 2 charging socket during and after charging. In addition, NRGkick offers comprehensive protection against abusive adjustment of the charging current by passers-by. Even if an unauthorized person interrupts the power supply and restarts the NRGkick, the charging current can only be adjusted by the owner.

With the smartphone app you can connect to the flexible wallbox NRGkick via Bluetooth and read all the data from the integrated energy measuring unit. Energy, power, current and voltage are displayed. Charging costs and the range in relation to the charged energy are also calculated for you. You can easily change the charging current during the charging process from 6 A to 32 A in 0.1 A steps. That’s not all – there are even more functions that the app has in store for you.

The whole NRGkick system (i.e. hardware and software such as the NRGkick app, the cloud or the software in the device) was developed in Austria and is also produced there in a competence center for charging technology built from scratch by DiniTech! Quality work from Austria exported all over the world – NRGkick is now distributed in over 38 countries. Offering drivers of electric cars the highest quality and performance is our top priority!

The capacitive surface is used to set the current and charging power and provides haptic and acoustic feedback when selected. This means that fewer mechanical components are installed, which improves the service life and sealing properties of the charging unit.

With an integrated all-current sensitive residual current protection mechanism for DC residual currents as well as for AC residual currents (AC, DC + 6 mA), which permanently monitors possible residual currents, NRGkick offers higher operational safety than other charging units.

With an integrated all-current sensitive residual current protection mechanism for DC residual currents as well as for AC residual currents (AC, DC + 6 mA), which permanently monitors possible residual currents, NRGkick offers higher operational safety than other charging units.

NRGkick expands your charging options beyond public charging stations and opens up every houshold socket and public charging station for your charge. Electric power is available almost everywhere, NRGkick makes it accesible for you.

The dimensions of NRGkick have been reduced to an absolute minimum. Thus, NRGkick is by far the most compact mobile charging station for electric cars on the market. The use of modern lightweight technology is also essential to NRGkick’s ease and convenience of use.

NRGkick fully adapts to the existing connector landscape. You can even charge your electric car at 32 A power sockets, with a power of up to 22 kW. A typical 22-kWh e-car battery can thus be fully charged in one hour.

NRGkick constantly measures current and voltage on all three phases. The NRGkick app, which displays the respective state of charge and records and evaluates the values, provides the greatest possible overview and transparency.

NRGkick measures and records the amount of energy charged during each charge cycle. The NRGkick app informs you about your charging processes as well as the total amount of energy charged so far.

NRGkick is the first mobile charging unit ever to be validated and certified by VDE and ÖVE! The VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e. V.) is the most respected body for this at all. This therefore expresses the correct compliance with the relevant norms and standards and is proof of the superior product and manufacturing quality of NRGkick. For this reason, NRGkick proudly carries the VDE and ÖVE labels on its product. Of course, NRGkick and its accessories are CE & UKCA compliant.

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NRGkick – flexible Wallbox

NRGkick – flexible Wallbox