• NRGkick

    More than a wallbox.

  • It´s superfast.

    Charge anywhere!

  • Load and ride

    Wherever you are.

  • Plug in

    and save time.

NRGkick – more than a wallbox.

NRGkick is an electric car charger that extends the charging opportunities for your electric car far beyond public charging stations and nonportable wallboxes.

Electricity can be found almost anywhere. NRGkick makes it accessible for your electric car with a charging power of up to 22kW.

NRGkick simply includes a wallbox in the charging cable.
Designed to give you unlimited flexibility – charge. fast. anywhere.

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NRGkick TÜV certificate

Made in Austria

NRGkick is developed and manufactured in Austria.

Delivering best quality has first priority.


Integrated Residual Current Protection

Adjustable charging current

Theft-protected and tamper-proof


Smartphone app

Smallest dimensions


Adapts to all circumstances

The NRGkick plug adapters let the charging process succeed at any conventional socket, no matter if power current, Schuko or camping socket, 1- or 3-phase.

For a variety of electric cars

NRGkick is available with Type 1 and Type 2 connector, supporting a variety of electric cars.

NRGkick – App

The NRGkick app provides extended control options and displays various measuring data on your smartphone.

In this way charging costs and CO2 savings can be evidenced.

NRGkick loads ten times faster

The NRGkick electric car charger loads incomparably faster than the standard charging units that are usually supplied with electric cars. While typical cables only provide up to 10 amps in one phase and therefore reach a maximum of 2.3 KW, NRGkick can charge in three phases and thus reach an almost tenfold performance of 22 kW.

In practice, this means that the NRGkick can almost fully charge an electric car like the Renault Zoe in only one hour. With a common cable this would take almost ten hours!

Hence, NRGkick saves time and gives you unknown freedom and flexibility.

NRGkick is so much more than a wallbox

NRGkick does not just load as fast and safely as stationary wallboxes, it can also be used outdoors at all and every weather condition.

The clue, however, is that it can be staked out at any time and taken along on the journey and the destination. If you want to load at multiple locations, such as at home and at work, you’ll need just one NRGkick instead of multiple wallboxes. More than that, NRGkick is usually cheaper than a wallbox considering the overall price. While the latter often require additional current protective devices at a cost of several hundred Euros, NRGkick already integrates the universal current-sensitive residual protection (type B characteristic) without any further costs.

Thus, the mobile and compact NRGkick provides much more than big, bulky and immobile wallboxes can ever offer.