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NRGkick – more than a Wallbox

Ideal for your home as well as on the go.

With NRGkick your wallbox has moved from your housewall into the charging cable.

Easy operability combined with high performance already convinced thousands of customers throughout Europe. In addition to the top quality of the product, NRGkick provides many optional Smart Feature possibilities.

Due to its flexibility, NRGkick makes every power source accessible for your electric vehicle and gets everything out for you, up to 22 kW charging power. Designed to give you unlimited flexibility – charge. fast. anywhere.

NRGkick - more than a wallbox.
NRGkick is TÜV quality proof

Made in Austria

NRGkick is developed and manufactured in Austria.

Delivering best quality has first priority.

NRGkick customers


NRGkick Connect

Plug into the future

NRGkick Connect opens new dimensions of mobile charging:

  • Solar led charging
  • Access from anywhere via NRGkick cloud
  • Monthly charging reports
  • Automatic reporting
  • Time controlled charging*
  • Recordings and statistics of charging*
  • Alexa voice control*
  • WIFI + Bluetooth
  • Web-API

*Feature will follow shortly after launch via free software update


Integrated Residual Current Protection

Automatic adapter identification

Anywhere applicable

Adjustable charging current

3-phase charging

Smallest dimensions

Bluetooth & smartphone app

Theft-protected and tamper-proof

NRGkick mobile Wallbox

NRGkick  – reliable and safe

Charging your electric car with NRGkick is not just extremely easy, it is also absolutely safe due to a multiplicity of protective measures.

NRGkick – safer than wallbox.
NRGkick_Adapterset 32A

Adapts to all Circumstances

The NRGkick plug adapters let the charging process succeed at any conventional socket, no matter if power current, Schuko or camping socket, 1- or 3-phase.

Through automatic adapter identification the charging current is automatically limited to the maximum permitted level.

For a Variety of Electric Cars

NRGkick is available with Type 1 and Type 2 connector, supporting a variety of electric cars.

NRGkick Electric Car Plugs Type 1 and Type 2

NRGkick App

The NRGkick app provides extended control options and displays various measuring data on your smartphone.

The app gives you evidenced data of charging costs and CO2 savings.

NRGkick is ten times faster

NRGkick charges incomparably faster than the standard units that are usually supplied with electric cars. While typical cables only provide up to 10 A in one phase and therefore reach a maximum of 2.3 kW, NRGkick can charge in three phases and thus reaches an almost tenfold performance of 22 kW.

In practice, this means that NRGkick can almost fully charge an electric car like the Renault ZOE in only one hour. With a common cable this would take almost ten hours!

Hence, NRGkick saves time and gives you unknown freedom and flexibility.

NRGkick is so much more than a Wallbox

NRGkick does not just charge as fast and safely as a stationary wallbox, it can also be used outdoors in all weathers.

The clue, however, is that it can be staked out at any time and taken along on the journey and the destination. If you want to charge at multiple locations, such as at home and at work, you’ll need just one NRGkick instead of multiple wallboxes. More than that, The NRGkick electric car charger is usually cheaper than a wallbox considering the overall priceWhile the latter often requires additional current protective devices at a cost of several hundred Euros, NRGkick already integrates the universal current-sensitive residual protection  (AC, DC + 6 mA) without any further costs.

Thus, the mobile and compact NRGkick provides much more than big, bulky and immobile wallboxes can ever offer.

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August S.:

Firstly, my conclusion: top product and very precise performance grading aligned with the inverter. Kudos for the installation. I’m working in IT and so I have seen the worst installation processes. Everything just worked really great with your system and it shouldn’t be a problem for technically inexperienced people too.

Torben S.:

First of all a really big compliment to you and your colleagues. It’s great that you responded to my request so quickly and also found a solution to it.

Patrick B.:

Thank you very much for the quick response and the good news! The fast service and the good equipment confirms to have made the right choice. Thank you, I will definitely recommend NRGkick.

Johannes B. (Germany):

Hello to Austria … The NRGkick arrived yesterday and already gave my Smart an EnergyKick … Cool thing … everything worked very well … Thumbs up!

Paul S. (Switzerland):

We charge our Zoe via our CEE16 socket and we are very happy with it. It’s really a great product.

Martin N. (Austria):

As always a top service and the devices are top anyway. I am very pleased to support such a good austrian company with my purchase

NRGkick Connect awarded with EL-MO award

On January 27, in the course of the EL-MOTION congress about e-mobility for SMEs, the EL-MO was awarded for the first time. Among the winners was DiniTech with their Smart Feature enhancement NRGkick Connect, which enables efficient solar-led charging.

Charging infrastructure at the e-Mobility Play Days

NRGkick did not only exhibit at the largest e-mobility event in Austria, but also supplied the charging infrastructure for the 60 electric test vehicles. This ensured that all vehicles could be fully charged as quickly and safely as possible.

Porsche Holding subsidiary MOON relies on NRGkick

Since 2018, a partnership with Allmobil GmbH, a company of Porsche Holding which sells charging solutions for electric vehicles under the brand MOON has been formed. Together, MOON’s product range has been expanded to include the mobile charging unit MOON2Go, which is based on the well-known and proven mobile charging unit NRGkick.

ASFINAG charges with NRGkick

NRGkick Asfinag

ASFINAG now relies on fast and mobile charging with the mobile charging unit NRGkick. The motorway operator extends the electric car share of its own car fleet to one fifth and relies on NRGkick to rely on a strong and established Austrian partner.

Our Awards

Top 3 GreenTec Awards

Top 3 GreenTec Awards 2018

NRGkick is among the top three of the international GreenTec Awards in the field of mobility. Now a jury will decide on the winner, who will be presented in Munich in May 2018.

Top 10 EU Startup Price

Top 10 EU Startup Price 2018

NRGkick has reached the Top 10 of the European Startup Price 2018. Chosen among almost 500 participants, we will participate in a tour of Europe’s largest technology events in the coming months.

Vulkanland Price

Vulkanland Innovation Price 2018

In February 2018, we were able to win the innovation price of the Styrian Vulkanland, which is awarded by the region of Southeastern Styria. Both press and local politics were enthusiastic about our innovative products.

* NRGkick units sold in Austria measured in relation to first authorizations of BEVs in the year 2017= 31.3%; calculation by DiniTech GmbH