NRGkick was developed by the company DiniTech GmbH in Austria
and is protected by trademark law.

Production is also carried out in Austria by the company
DiniTech GmbH.

DiniTech GmbH

Support and help for you and your NRGkick:
Tel: +43 664 401 13 50

Support hours:
Mo – Thu: 8 – 16 h
Fri: 8 – 15:30 h
Holidays excluded

If you are interested in NRGkick or want to become a reseller, please contact us at:
Tel: +43 664 5376251

Address of manufacturing plant and delivery address:
DiniTech Straße 1
8083 St. Stefan i. R.

Address of headquarter:
DiniTech Straße 1
8083 St. Stefan i.R.

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