Smart Attachment Type O 13A (TH)
intelligent Smart Attachment for NRGkick for connection with domestic socket Type O (TH), max. 13A

Scope of delivery and features:

  • Smart Attachment Type O 13A (Thailand)
  • Maximum charging current up to 13 amps
  • Smart Attachment suitable for the patented high-level safety connector system of the NRGkick charging unit

Temperature monitoring & socket overheating protection
All NRGkick Smart Attachments have temperature monitoring – on each individual phase pin. The Smart Attachment for domestic sockets has dual temperature monitoring on both pins. This means that your NRGkick knows exactly whether too much heat is being generated due to an incorrectly installed socket and avoids dangerous situations before they arise. If your socket becomes too hot, NRGkick regulates the charging current completely independently.

Avoiding arcing through automatic hot-unplug detection
If a charging unit is disconnected from the power supply during charging, dangerous arcing occurs which damages the contacts. Due to the way the NRGkick Smart Attachments and the patented high-level safety connector system work, arcing when the Smart Attachment is separated from the Connector Unit during charging is completely ruled out – this is the only charging unit on the market where the current flow is interrupted even before the contacts separate!

Protection from wrongly wired sockets
NRGkick detects whether a socket has been incorrectly connected or installed – for example, if a second phase has been connected to a three-phase socket instead of the neutral conductor. This enables it to alert the user by means of an LED signal on the charging unit and Connector Unit that there is a problem at a socket and prevents charging.

Additional LED indicator on Connector Unit
NRGkick Smart Attachments are connected to the Connector Unit of the NRGkick – there is an additional LED display that informs you about the status of your charging unit at any time.

Optimal haptics
NRGkick Smart Attachments engage noticeably and securely – accidental removal is impossible. At the same time, the soft-component surface of the plug system with a good grip ensures that you can remove and replace the plug attachments quickly and easily if necessary.

Automatic Smart Attachment recognition for your safety
The Smart Attachments are recognised and identified automatically by NRGkick. This ensures that the charging current does not exceed the maximum value for which the Smart Attachment is approved. Of course, national regulations are also taken into account, for example, where the charging current may not exceed a certain value when charging at a domestic socket.

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