• Features

    Discover all features of NRGkick

  • weather-resistant

    charging under all weather conditions

  • Get connected anywhere

    charging on each standard socket

  • Safety: Integrated RCD (Type-B characteristic)

    With an integrated residual current detection NRGkick ensures a higher operational safety level compared to other charging devices by permanent surveillance of possible residual current.

  • Adjustable Charging Current

    NRGkick allows to adjust the charging current flexibly at the push of a button. Five different current values can be selected and even more if NRGkick is controlled by a smartphone. In this way you can always utilize the maximum capability of a given socket and vice versa you can limit the charging power to a desired value.

  • Applicable Everywhere

    Extend your charging possibilities from public charging stations to every household socket. Electricity is everywhere, NRGkick makes it accessible.

  • Smallest Dimensions

    We have done everything to bring down the main dimensions to an absolute minimum. NRGkick is by far the most compact charging unit on the market. By applying modern lightweight technology we have achieved uncompromised usability for everybody.

  • Up to 22kW Charging Power

    NRGkick is fully adaptable to the existing standard socket network. You can charge your electric vehicle even at 32A power sockets with a power of up to 22 kW. Consequently a typical 22kWh BEV battery can be fully charged in one hour.

  • Integrated Current Measurement

    NRGkick continuously measures current and voltage of all 3 phases. The NRGkick smartphone app evaluates, records and displays the charging process conditions for maximum overview and transparency.

  • Bluetooth Connection

    NRGkick can communicate via Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) with any smartphone. Remote control, monitoring and evaluation tools as well as a device lock feature are available in the NRGkick app.

  • Integrated Energy Measurement

    The charged amount of energy is measured and recorded by NRGkick for every charging cycle. The NRGkick app tracks the last 3 operations as well as the total ever charged energy.

  • 3 Phase Charging

    The utilization of all 3 phases of the standard 400V power grid is essential for reasonable AC charging times. NRGkick provides that 3 phase capability and can shorten the charging time by a factor of 3 compared to 1 phase charging devices.

  • Theft-protected and tamper-proof

    The automatic Type 2 socket locking mechanism protects your NRGkick against theft during and after the charging process.
    In addition, NRGkick provides a comprehensive protection against abusive readjustment of the charging current by passerby. Even if an unauthorized person interrupts the current supply and causes the NRGkick to reboot, a readjustment of the charging current will only be possible for the owner.

  • Smartphone App

    With your smartphone you can connect over Bluetooth to the NRGkick device and have access to the energy meter values. Energy, power, ampere and voltages will be displayed. Also charging costs and the mileage distance based on the charged energy will be calculated for you. You can directly modify your charging current during charging in 1A steps from 6A to 32A. Also other features are included.

  • Made in Austria

    NRGkick is designed, developed and manufactured in Austria. To provide top quality and performance to our customers is most essential for us.