NRGkick Connect – solar energy for your electric car

Which driver of an electric car doesn’t dream about charging it with solar energy? In combination with the NRGkick charging unit, NRGkick Connect makes solar led charging possible!

With four easy and at the same time efficient charging strategies NRGkick Connect offers the best solution for solar led charging available:

  • Surplus charging – your electric car is charged with the surplus solar energy
  • 100 % solar energy – all of the generated energy is used to charge the electric car
  • Supportive charging – for smaller photovoltaic systems. You can choose how much power from the grid is used in addition to the output of the PV-system
  • Sunny Home Manager led charging (for SMA systems)

All that you need is:

  • NRGkick charging unit (Bluetooth-variant)
  • NRGkick Connect
  • Compatible inverter that is connected to the same network*

Currently, communication is possible with inverters from Fronius and SMA as well as with the Sunny Home Manager 1 and 2 from SMA. Other brands like SMA, Kostal,… will soon be added.
NRGkick Connect is not only efficient, but also very easy to use: Setup takes only a few minutes and is possible without any programming effort!

*Inverters from Fronius only need to be network-compatible. SMA inverters must be network-compatible and have Modbus TCP (not RS 485) if the strategy “Surplus”, “100% sun” or “Supportive” is selected. Alternatively, if the strategy “Sunny Home Manager led charging” is selected, direct communication with the Sunny Home Manager 1 or 2 is also possible.

In order to recognise the power consumption of the house for the surplus charging strategy, an Energy Meter from the respective provider is required. Alternatively, an estimated house consumption can also be entered in the NRGkick App.

NRGkick Cloud – Access from anywhere!

You already made yourself comfortable at home, but right before going to bed you want to know the charging status of your NRGkick? You are at work and are wondering how many kilowatt hours have already been charged so you know if you can use your electric car in the evening?

NRGkick Connect and NRGkick Cloud make it possible! Via internet and NRGkick Cloud you can get information on the current charging status, change the charging settings and much more!

Monthly charging reports

NRGkick Connect creates monthly charging reports in order to guarantee an easy overview for you. You can see at a glance how many kWh you have been charging in the last month but that is not all of course: You are also informed how much of the charged energy has been generated by renewable sources!

Clear diagrams show you details on the course of charging and the daily charged energy for every day the report covers.

Automatic reporting

Thanks to NRGkick Connect and the NRGkick Cloud you don’t have to generate the monthly reports yourself. Let them conveniently be sent to you at the beginning of every month instead!

The automatic reporting function gladly handles this task for you and reliably sends you the monthly reports to your desired destination, for example via eMail.

Time controlled charging

You want to charge your electric car when the energy is as cheap as possible?
You want to charge with solar energy during the day, but in the evening with the minimal charging current?
And all that without having to start or stop the charging process yourself every time?
With the feature “Time controlled charging” NRGkick Connect exactly offers these features:
With the function “Charge timer” you are able to define exactly when the charging process shall start and how high the charging current has to be.
The “Charge profiles” on the other hand enable you to create a detailed weekly plan for your charging processes.
Thereby you make sure that not only you realize our vision “charge. fast. anywhere.” but also realize it exactly at the moment of your choice.

Charging records and statistics*

NRGkick Connect remembers everything – inform yourself anytime and anywhere via NRGkick Cloud about:

  • total energy charged as well as energy charged in the last three charging cycles
  • resulting CO² savings
  • calculated energy costs
  • calculated distance traveled in km

You can set the price per kWh or how much energy your electric car consumes – this way you are always in control and can make sure to keep the data as accurate as possible. If you are rather a visual type you will be delighted to hear that NRGkick enables the processing of the reports and charging date into clear statistics and diagrams – directly in the App!

*The statistics-feature will follow shortly after launch via free software update

Alexa voice control*

What is easier than having your smartphone and all the charging settings in the palm of your hand, ready to change them anytime with one or two swipes? Letting someone else do it for you! NRGkick Connect can be integrated into Amazons Alexa voice control. This means that you now only have to tell your Alexa what you want to be done – that’s it!

No matter if you want to start or stop the charging process or you just want to now how much energy has already been charged – NRGkick Connect and Alexa react to your voice commands and execute them immediately. Charging your electric car has never been easier or more comfortable!

*This feature will follow shortly after launch via free software update

WiFi + Bluetooth

NRGkick Connect is able to connect via WiFi and Bluetooth. This way it can connect to your NRGkick charging unit via Bluetooth – and spans a bridge to your WiFi home network. The result is an enormous enhancement of functionalities and Smart Features and gives you the possibility to connect to your NRGkick charging unit anywhere and anytime – all you need is an Internet connection.


Wouldn’t it be nice if NRGkick Connect could be integrated into your specific smart home or photovoltaic system? With our open Web-API this is no longer just an imagination: You can integrate your own applications and thanks to our system being open you can be sure that all other manufacturers are able to integrate NRGkick Connect and its functionalities!

Therefore, NRGkick Connect is absolutely future proof and can be connected to interfaces from other manufacturers now or in the future.

Coming soon… many more feature updates!

NRGkick Connect is constantly being devloped – shortly after launch features like time controlled charging, charging statistics and Alexa voice Control will be made availabe with a free feature update.

But this is not all of course: We are working on adding even more Features that make your NRGkick Connect smarter than it already is:

  • Integrating new inverter systems for the solar led charging – for more connectivity
  • Link to electricity exchanges – Charge your electric car only when the energy is as cheap as you would like it to be
  • Energy demand management – charge your electric car as fast as possible whilst taking into account the energy consumption of other devices in your household
  • Enabling the use of more voice assistants (Siri, Bixby,…)

And there is much, much more to come! NRGkick Connect is truly your Connection to the future

NRGkick Smartphone App

  • Remotely controllable

    Simply control your NRGkick remotely with your Smartphone.

  • More Flexibility

    Start or stop the charging process, adjust the charging current continuously, limit the energy to be charged and much more…

  • Full Transparency

    Display of charging costs, CO2 savings, energy measurement, display of charged energy, and much more

Available for Android and iOS!